Material Archi-Tectonic Research

MATR LAB is an interdisciplinary Syracuse School of Architecture research group directed by Dr. Daekwon Park. Located at the Syracuse Center of Excellence, the group focuses on the intersection between design, material science, and environmental engineering.


Lab Director: Daekwon Park, DDes, RA (NY), LEED AP

Researchers (Past and Current): Vedyun Mishra, MS student at SyracuseSoA | Yağmur Yenice, MS student at SyracuseSoA | Sarah Beaudoin, BArch student at SyracuseSoA | Ahnaf Chowdhury, BArch student at SyracuseSoA | Ricardo Rodriguez Huerta, BArch student at SyracuseSoA | Ji Yoon Bae, MArch student at Syracuse SoA | Elena Echarri, BArch student at SyracuseSoA | Hanneke Van Deursen, BArch student at SyracuseSoA | Yuchi Kuo, MArch student at SyracuseSoA | Yen Hsi Tung, MArch student at Syracuse SoA | Bharat Krishnan, MArch student at Syracuse SoA | Philip Weston Claghorn, MArch student at Syracuse SoA

Collaborators: Junho Chun, Assistant Professor at Syracuse SoA | Juhun Lee, Computational Designer at SGH | Jungmin Han, DDes Student at Harvard GSD | Yang Song, Architectural Designer at SWBR