3D Printed Monolithic Joints

This research investigates the design and fabrication process of an adaptive joint using 3D printed mono-material bistable mechanisms. The proposed joint deforms when external forces are applied, achieving two stable states. An x-shaped microstructure (simulSLE) is designed for the connection portion of the bistable structure inside the joint. 3D-Printing experiments conducted with different materials in this paper, explore the possibility of various forms of simul-SLE itself realizing bistable by a single material, which makes the rigid 3D printed material acquires properties of flexibility and softness. Finally, practical applications are shown how this joint can be used in buildings.


  • Nanjing University


  • Shiyu Feng (Nanjing University), Mengzeshan du (Nanjing University), Weiyi Wang (Nanjing University), Heng Lu (Nanjing University), Guohua Ji (Nanjing University)


  • Feng, Shiyu, Heng Lu, Daekwon Park, 2020. “3D Printed Monolithic Joints: A Mechanically Bistable Joint.” Proceedings of the 25th International Conference of the Association of Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA), Bangkok, Thailand