Architectural Composites

This sponsored research was conducted as a 3 credit independent study with the undergraduate and graduate students at Syracuse SoA. The groups consisting of 3-5 students investigated
creative architectural applications of composite materials (e.g. fiberglass and resin). The ACMA Composite Challenge is an invited competition sponsored by ACMA (American Composite Manufacturers Association) and related industries including Ashland Composites, Composites One, Acrastrip/ PolyChem, ArkemaInnovative Chemistry, Coastal Enterprises, Elliott Company, Owens Corning, Plexus Structural Adhesives, PolyntComposites, United Initiators, and VectorPly.

The AMCA supported all the materials necessary for the prototyping and final installation and a textbook for the course (Composite Fabrication Handbook). There was also a hands -on composite fabrication workshop conducted by the experts at AMCA as well as several digital design & fabrication workshops conducted by the instructor. A number of digital techniques and processes including generative design, CAD/ CAM, geometry optimization, and design scripting was also introduced.


  • American Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA)


  • Project introduced at the 2018 AIA National Convention