Building Systems Design

ARC 222 Building Systems Design I is one of the foundational courses of the overall B.Arch curriculum, serving as an intermediate component of the technology sequence. The course builds on the basic concepts established in ARC 121 Introduction to Building and Structural Systems and provides the necessary knowledge to proceed to the following ARC 322-Building Systems Design II and ARC 423 Advanced Building Systems.

The key objective of the course is to learn how to put together a building based on the design intent and performative demands. Fundamentally, buildings are multiscale material systems with an interconnected web of subsystems, components, and materials. In order to configure and coordinate these complex relationships as an architect, it is critical to acquire a set of knowledge and skills that are both comprehensive and discrete. This course aims to be the platform to learn, think and apply this knowledge and skills towards the design endeavors.


  • Fall 2019: Course Professor
  • Fall 2018: Course Professor
  • Fall 2017: Course Professor
  • Fall 2016: Course Professor
  • Fall 2015: Course Professor


  • (1) The connections between constructional choices and the intentions of the design
  • (2) The connections between the qualities and meaning of space and form in relation to construction and material
  • (3) The basic assembly principles used in joining the materials of construction
  • (4) The criteria used in selecting specific constructional systems and materials
  • (5) The basic conventions of construction drawings
  • (6) The impact of constraints, including legal parameters, and market forces on the making of buildings