Architectural Implementation of the CityCar & Mobility-on-Demand System

Understanding urban living for the twentieth first century is to understand the relationship between users and mobility systems. City Home is a research project that tries to understand how that relationship can be optimized through the design of building, public spaces and mobility-on-demand systems. The City Home project explores the design of a prototype building that incorporates City Car as a shared mobility system that is accessible both to users within the building and the community. Given the features of City Cars, the design of City Home responds to a closer relationship between inhabitable space and areas in which the vehicles maneuver. Additionally, assuming the autonomously operation of the cars, the experience of the users using the City Car is more dynamic and softens the transitions of movement.


  • Location: Aspern, Austria
  • Date: May, 2011
  • Collaboration with Paola Aguirre
  • Critic: Kent Larson, Ryan Chin, Daniel Smithwick