Compliant Mechanism Joint

This research investigates the design and fabrication process of an adaptive joint using the principles of compliant mechanisms. Compliant mechanism is a mechanism that utilizes the deflection
of flexible material rather than a moving joint. This allows reduces the required number of components to accomplish intricate movements, resulting in reduces cost and complexity in fabrication and minimum maintenance of the joints. The team studied simple geometric lattice structure (triangle, rectangle, and parallelogram) with variable thicknesses to understand the deformation characteristics. Based on the study, the team combined the lattice units to create translational movements (e.g. rotation to axial and expand/ contract) within the same plane. The joints can be 3d printed as a monolithic structure.


  • Nanjing University


  • Cao Yan (Nanjing University), Guo Xin (Nanjing University), Li Xiaonan (Nanjing University), Zuo Bin (Nanjing University),
  • Guohua Ji (Nanjing University), and Ziyu Tong (Nanjing University)


  • Nanjing University Summer Course


  • Visiting Professor, Nanjing University