Resonant Frequency

The Seattle Center is currently a collection of more or less autonomous culture-related programs arranged into a campus. The Seattle Center Memorial Stadium currently occupies a central location of the campus. In our proposal, the removal of the campus allows us to connect the buildings of the Seattle Center, create complementary event spaces to the neighboring buildings, and push the event spaces close to each other to bring about a new, interconnected Seattle Center campus. For the visitors of Seattle center, a series of paths connect the existing programs of the Seattle center. From the parking lot or the main road, one can meander between various gardens and activities until arriving at the destination. Acknowledging the 30’ drop in grade from the existing football field, we carve spaces out from the paths for each event area. The events benefit from dynamic shifts in elevation, providing the perfect slope for a concert venue or a hill from which to view the carnival, reducing noise pollution from the concert venue, and providing pockets of serenity for gardens and plazas. The existing campus burst into life a few times a year during the special events. Our proposal adds year-round activities and attracts enough visitors to encourage local private investment.


  • Location:Seattle, USA
  • Date: February, 2012
  • Collaboration with Tom Tang, Yijie Dang, and Kunkook Bae
  • Client: Grousemont Foundation