The ‘3788468 urbanSHED’ experience utilizes a safe and straightforward system of RHS steel frames as ‘portals’ to be arranged according to the proportions of each particular building site. Within this system, a continuous series of lasercut blades, made from recycled plastic sheets are aligned to create an organic and playful spatial experience, one that encourages and facilitates a variety of New York City street experiences to occur spontaneously. At 280 Broadway a reading of the existing building site has informed the design of the shed pathway to include breakout spaces as an extension of the existing storefront businesses for dance, cafes, informal markets, food kiosks and transportation nodes (“taxi hailing” and bus stops). Planters establish a green edge to both the soffit line and the seating areas, creating green gathering spaces.

The openness of the frame system maximizes the penetration of natural light and fresh air into the shed interior while controlling and containing pedestrian movement safely around the building site. The repetitive nature of the shed framing and the ability to adjust the spacing of the frames optimizes the customization of the system allowing designers to seamlessly create openings for safe passage and entry to both to the shed and to the building site (ie: storefront or building entry).

‘shed 3788468’ proposes a compelling and unique New York City street experience, encouraging interaction and activity by creating an informal urban event space within a sustainable, customizable and safe installation that re-imagines the role of the temporary sidewalk shed.


  • Location: New York, USA
  • Date: September, 2009
  • Type: Personal Competition Work
  • Collaboration with Kyle Morphy, Jooyoung Kim, Tim Crashaw