Vernacular Voidscape

Vernacular Voidscape stems from the desire to reinvigorate new life into the Al-Uloum Library and promote learning within a meaningful public space. While the current cultural climate in Sakaka follows traditional views in gender exclusivity, we promote a future of gender desegregation. Through this, we propose a series of interconnected public spaces accessible by all genders, in an effort to assist in the progression to inclusive spaces in Sakaka over the coming years. The themes of connectivity and inclusiveness are carried throughout the design proposal with an aim to (1) create a holistic campus that promotes a future of inclusivity and public engagement; (2) maximize the community and educational spaces; (3) and effectively consolidate and expand the library collections.


  • The Abdulrahman Al Sudairy Cultural Centre (AACC)


  • Jaegeun Lim, Ahnaf Chowdhury, Ching-Hui Wang, Kuo-Jui Lai , Sarah Beaudoin, and Ricardo Rodriguez


  • Dar Al Uloum Library Competition Finalist Exhibition, Saudi Design Week, King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue, October 3-7, 2018
  • BUGAIK International Architectural Exhibition, Busan-Ulsan-Gyeongnam Chapter of Architectural Institute of Korea, Busan, South Korea, 2018
  • Shortlisted, Dar Al-Uloum Public Library International Competition Abdulrahman Al Sudairy Cultural Centre, Sakaka, Saudi Arabia, 2018