ZeroMax Metamorphosis

The starting point of ZeroMax Metamorphosis was the response to Hong Kong’s high density and compact spatial territory. Hong Kong, being one of the most densely populated vertical cities in the world; it is both a challenging and rewarding endeavor to create urban public space within the city core. In this context, this project explores the notion of a versatile modular robotic parking system that can drastically transform its typology and density between an open public plaza and a parking tower (with multi-level public space) throughout the day.

The individual unfolded modules are analogous to bricks that are stacked into a wall or a building. From the void space counter to the solid massing created out of parking modules, open public space of variable volumes and characteristics emerge at multiple levels. The constant reconfiguration of the modules creates an ever-evolving architecture that physically transforms and adapts to the urban conditions.

Each parking modules can change its state from flat to 3-dimensional box. When a car enters the waiting zone, the parking robot unfolds the module, park the car and stack module based on the desired typology, spatial requirements and packing algorithms. At any given time, the modules can be reconfigured by the robots to adapt to the criteria changes.


  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Date: October, 2011
  • Type: Professional Work
  • Client: [AC - CA]
  • Collaboration with Jaeguen Lim and Jonghyuk Lim